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Jan Oort, Astronomer

A short biography of Jan Hendrik Oort

1. Biography
2. Leiden Observatory
3. Leiden University
4. The Netherlands
5. Galactic rotation
6. Comets
7. Crab Nebula
8. International contacts
9. Mens sana...

1. Biography

Oortklein_01.jpg (4747 bytes)1. House of birth of Jan Hendrik Oort, Zilverstraat 16, Franeker. Oort was born on April 28, 1900, and lived here for three years.

Oortklein_02.jpg (2545 bytes)2. Parents of Jan Oort: Abraham Hermanus Oort and Hannah Faber. (c. 1930)

Oortklein_03.jpg (1662 bytes)3. The two brothers Jan and Hein Oort. (c. 1910)

Oortklein_04.jpg (3139 bytes)4. Relatives and friends as Indians. Jan Oort seated centre. (c.1910)

Oortklein_05.jpg (4452 bytes)5. Visit to Berlin (1919). Oort the 2nd from right, with friends before the Reichstag. Postcard from Jan Hendrik Oort, Berlin, January 2, 1919, to his mother in Davos, Switzerland. He writes: ‘Dear Mother, you can not half imagine how I am enjoying my stay here. Everything is cheap here, or rather almost everything. I have been to the large Opera House twice. I have never seen something so magnificent and beautiful, and that for f 1,20, extraordinarily beautiful seats. You can buy here everything, also foodstuffs, and mostly cheaper than in Holland. Yet, it is a terrible situation in the streets. Everything unpainted, there are horse-drawn trams, humping and bumping again through the Friedrichstrasse. We are staying here in the centre of town (Gendarmen Platz) in a quiet and very pleasantly decorated hotel for DM 15, breakfast not included. The journey was splendid. We sat comfortably the whole day in the D-train from Cologne to Berlin, on which we boarded in Hannover (2nd class for f 4,00, almost 500 km). It was not crowded. For the Germans who are not so very rich, as we are here now, the food situation is really difficult. Tonight we will see the Oresteia of Aeschylus in the Grosse Schauspielhaus, which has recently been built. If I could I would like to stay here for a full month. The large streets and everything else! Many greetings to all in Davos. This is us, in front of the Reichstag building, for 3 cents! Yours, Jan.’

Oortklein_06.jpg (4462 bytes)6. Wedding photograph of Jan Oort and Mieke Graadt van Roggen (May 24, 1927). Clockwise around the bridal couple from left to right: Jetske Oort, Lien and Coen Graadt van Roggen, Mr. and Mrs. A.H. Oort, Mrs. and Mr. W. Graadt van Roggen, Jo and Pivy Oort, Emy Oort.

Oortklein_07.jpg (3589 bytes)7. Passport photograph of Jan Oort (c. 1935). Photograph by H. Jonker, Leiden.

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