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Jan Oort, Astronomer

A short biography of Jan Hendrik Oort

1. Biography
2. Leiden Observatory
3. Leiden University
4. The Netherlands
5. Galactic rotation
6. Comets
7. Crab Nebula
8. International contacts
9. Mens sana...

3. Leiden University

Oortklein_13.jpg (3957 bytes)13. Solemn procession of the Professors on their way from the University building on the Rapenburg in Leiden to the nearby Church of St. Peter (c. 1950). J.H. Oort following at the back. Photograph by N. van der Horst.

Oortklein_14.jpg (4657 bytes)14. J.H. Oort discussing Observatory affairs with P.Th. Oosterhoff (1947). Photograph by Ad Windig.

Oortklein_15.jpg (4525 bytes)15. J.H. Oort in conversation with H.C. van de Hulst, at the reception on the occasion of Oort’s quadragenarian jubilee as a staff member of Leiden Observatory in 1964

Oortklein_16.jpg (4970 bytes)16. At his retirement in 1970, J.H. Oort was awarded the insignia of ‘Commandeur of the Order of Oranje-Nassau’ by the then Minister for Education, Dr. G.H. Veringa

Oortklein_17.jpg (3707 bytes)17. A Ph.D. ceremony in the Senate Room of Leiden University, 1977. Behind the table, left to right: R.D. Ekers, H.C. van de Hulst, J. van den Berg, the Rector, H. van der Laan, J.H. Oort, C. van Schooneveld, A. Blaauw.

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