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Jan Oort, Astronomer

A short biography of Jan Hendrik Oort

1. Biography
2. Leiden Observatory
3. Leiden University
4. The Netherlands
5. Galactic rotation
6. Comets
7. Crab Nebula
8. International contacts
9. Mens sana...

8. International contacts

Oortklein_32.jpg (4838 bytes)32. J.H. Oort as a young researcher, at a meeting of the American Astronomical Society, Poughkeepsie, N.Y., Vassar College, December 1923. Oort is standing in the centre, on the one but last row. Near him are P. van de Kamp and W.J. Luyten.

Oortklein_33.jpg (5368 bytes)33. J.H. Oort in discussion with W. Baade on a boat trip at the General Assembly of the IAU (International Astronomical Union), Stockholm, 1938.

Oortklein_34.jpg (2470 bytes)34. The beginnings of ESO (European Southern Observatory), Groningen 1953. Discussions during an excursion by boat on the IJsselmeer. Left to right: Vladimir Kourganoff, J.H. Oort, Harold Spencer-Jones.

Oortklein_35.jpg (3567 bytes)35. J.H. Oort lecturing at the inauguration of the ESO building in Garching bei München, 1981. Left to right (as if seen by Oort): unknown, Ch. Fehrenbach, D. Sciama, B. Strömgren, O. Heckmann.

Oortklein_36.jpg (3668 bytes)36. At the General Assembly of the IAU, Moscow, 1958. In the foreground, left to right: A. Massevitch, A. Danjon, J.H. Oort.

Oortklein_37.jpg (3634 bytes)37. Diploma of the Royal Society of London, 1959 (Loan Academisch Historisch Museum Leiden)

Oortklein_38.jpg (4620 bytes)38. Honorary promotion in Cambridge, July 25, 1960. Solemn procession, Oort at the right of the centre. Photograph by Cambridge Daily News

Oortklein_39.jpg (2666 bytes)39. Honorary promotion in Cambridge, July 25, 1960, the Laudatio (1960)

Oortklein_40.jpg (3100 bytes)40. Vetlesen certificate of Columbia University New York, 1966 (Loan Academisch Historisch Museum Leiden)

Oortklein_41a.jpg (3750 bytes)41. The Kyoto Prize Certificate 1987 (Loan Academisch Historisch Museum Leiden)

Oortklein_41b.jpg (2733 bytes)

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