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Jan Oort, Astronomer

A short biography of Jan Hendrik Oort

1. Biography
2. Leiden Observatory
3. Leiden University
4. The Netherlands
5. Galactic rotation
6. Comets
7. Crab Nebula
8. International contacts
9. Mens sana...

9. Mens sana...

Oort’s interests were diverse: Art (as shown by his work for the Leiden Academical Arts Centre (LAK), nature, family and sports.

Oortklein_42.jpg (3351 bytes)42. J.H. Oort steering a Groningen students’ rowing team (c.1920)

Oortklein_43.jpg (3773 bytes)43. J.H. Oort's skates (loan mrs. Marijke de Smidt-Oort). Oort was a fanatic skater (just like De Sitter). He always skated on this typical Frisian 'doorlopers'. In 1981 (!) he took a nasty fall while out skating on the lakes near Leiden. Afterwards he mostly stuck to rowing and biking.

Oortklein_44.jpg (4937 bytes)44. List of J.H. Oort’s skating excursions, recollections recorded in 1961 for the past years, back to 1946. The records begin as follows:‘Ice. 1961. January 27 (Friday). With Mieke, Anton, [...] to village De Kaag and Rijpwetering. In the evening rain and thaw. December 24 (Sunday). Skated for the first time. Many had skated already on December 18 and 19 on the ditches in the fields, but after December 19, thaw had set in. Thick ice. All through going canals are splendidly frozen.’

Oortklein_45.jpg (4257 bytes)45. Notes by J.H. Oort concerning meetings about the organization of artistic activities in Leiden. Possibilities of exhibitions dedicated to van Gogh, van Goyen and Jan Steen were discussed, 1947.

Oortklein_46.jpg (4527 bytes)46. Painting of J.H. Oort by Gerard de Wit (1987) (Loan Academisch Historisch Museum Leiden)

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